About Collection

MadeByBob - " Don't Rush Me " -2020 Collection

Don't Rush Me, the first Collection to be dropped by MadeByBob- the most important collection as the first impression is simply the best impression. This collection will show the world the glimpse of who I am yet also leaving a sense of curiosity as to what is to come. These pieces are designed for anyone and everyone, as long as you can rock it- buy it. In today's society , we are surrounded by too much expectation and pressure, motivating me to create these pieces and move forward with the " Don't Rush Me" collection. When rocking these pieces, it will be a gentle reminder to take a second to ourselves and to take our time rather than consistently  trying to meet the expectations bestowed upon us. 


Within this collection, three pieces will be released: Trucker Hats " Love is Free" T-shirt " Moe" inspired by DC Lingo, and a Jacket  " Real Art". Each piece reflects on a significant moment or experience that encountered my life and I have chosen to take those moments and manifest them into art.